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Punch Line Contest

And The Winners Are...

We asked our friends in the industry to finish a joke that starts with...

What Did One CATV Installer Say To The Other?

The lucky (and funny) winners below will receive a $100 American Express gift card to treat themselves to one coffee a week for a year! (Or whatever else is their cup of tea.) Thank you to all who participated!

The Winners

"What did one CATV installer say to the other?
Prepping fiber is like how Charlie Sheen preps his evening...with some alcohol and a pair of strippers."

Mark Lawrence
Vice-President/Internet Systems Administrator
Harlan Community Television, Inc.

Q: "What did one CATV installer say to the other?"
A: "This is the first job I've had that being terminated was a good thing"

Dave Brady
Senior Staff Engineer
Greater Boston Region

"How do I know what he was thinking? My 'ESPN' isn't working today."

Donna Siebenaller
Assistant Manager/BTC Multimedia LLC.
Bascom Communications

"I installed a professional baseball player the other day, every time I told him I would home run the lines he would jump up and cheer".

David Smith
Comcast Inc

"No I didn’t ask if the test meter output was measured in volts - dB or not dB, that is the question!"

Jeff Grant
Times Fiber Communications, Inc.

And The Winner Is...

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