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A few weeks ago, we asked our friends in the industry to finish a joke that starts with, “Two splitters walk into a bar...” And we were amazed at the creativity that came back.

After voting on our website over the past several days, you’ve chosen the winner:

Winning Quote

David Nizen
Cable NOC Services

For having a delightfully warped (yet PG-enough to be printable) sense of humor, David will receive a brand new iPad from Extreme Broadband Engineering. Thank you, David, and enjoy!

Other Finalists

"Two Splitters walk into a bar, one splitter turns to the other and says: Hey… I like the look of your ports, sooo, your pad or mine?"

Rick Jalsevac C.E.T.
Cogeco Cable

Two splitters walk into a bar, one turns to the other and says, "do these connectors make my legs look fat?"

Luke Matthews
Comcast Cable

Two splitters walk into a bar, the bartender asks: do you have any RFID’s?

Vincent Garneau
Incospec Communications Inc.

Two splitters walk into a bar and the bartender says, "hey, are either of you Sarah Connor?" Cause there was just a terminator in here looking for you!

Steve Bahr
Comcast North Area

Thanks to everyone else who submitted and voted!

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