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Extreme Online Tutorials Show Cable Pros How To Do It Right!

Millstone Township, NJ (April 27, 2011) – Extreme Broadband Engineering is very proud to make available to its users an entire suite of training tutorials and videos on its new website, Extreme Broadband was the first drop cable component manufacturer to offer training tutorials on its devices in an effort to help raise the proficiency of industry professionals in all sectors of the business from engineering through installation and service.

Extreme Training tutorials are available for two categories: "Cable 101 Videos", which cover a variety of basic principles such as Isolation, Return Loss, and Insertion Loss; and "Product Videos", which describe how Extreme Broadband products should be configured for optimum installation efficiency and long-term reliability. New tutorials in each category are introduced as they are released so users can expect to return often to the Extreme Training module to stay on top of advances in the drop cable business.

In addition to Video Tutorials, users on the Extreme site can download mobile apps for their Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad mobile devices, as well as test their skills using interactive quizzes, or even request a live on-site or web-based demo. These are just some of the ways that Extreme Broadband Engineering is helping its customers stay ahead in a rapidly advancing technical environment.

About Extreme Broadband Engineering, LLC.
Extreme Broadband Engineering LLC are the proud designers and manufactures of the Infinity Premise System™, a wide range of innovative cable components, including amplifiers, splitters, couplers, and premise enclosures. The company's products are designed to simplify installation, deliver improved broadband system reliability, and provide greater flexibility, meeting needs for VOD, HD, VoIP, and MoCA. Extreme Broadband products are distributed worldwide by Times Fiber Communications, Inc.

For more information, contact:
Matthew Shapson, Product Manager
Extreme Broadband Engineering LLC
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