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Unique Premises Enclosure Makes Installation A Snap

Millstone Township, NJExtreme Broadband Engineering LLC is pleased to introduce a totally new and unique premises enclosure for drop cable components. The new Infinity Premise System™ enclosure features unique Cable Retention Slots™ that allow the field technician to literally assemble any brand of splitters, amplifiers, couplers and other devices "outside the box", then slide the cables into place in seconds. The installer no longer needs to thread cables through holes and connect the components in tight spaces. In addition, Extreme Broadband's unique True Flex™ housing allows installers to snap components into the Quick-Mount™ rails built into the enclosure, eliminating the need to affix them to the box with screws or other mechanical fasteners. The Extreme Infinity Premise System allows for the fastest and easiest installation in the industry.

The new patent pending enclosure system comes in three convenient sizes, all of which include the integral Quick-Mount rail in addition to continuous bosses for traditional screw mounting.

The smallest box, 9" x 6" x 3" shown at left, is the perfect size for Extreme's 9-port Data-Plus™ Amplifier, providing a compact assembly unmatched in the industry. Other sizes are 9" x 9" x 3" and 12" x 12" x 3". Combined with many other unique features, this new enclosure line provides an attractive alternative to the headaches of installing components in a traditional premises box.

Extreme Broadband Engineering LLC are the proud designers and manufactures of the Infinity Premise System™, a wide range of innovative cable components, including amplifiers, splitters, couplers, and premise enclosures. The company's products are designed to simplify installation, deliver improved broadband system reliability, and provide greater flexibility, meeting needs for VOD, HD, VoIP, and MoCA. Extreme Broadband products are distributed worldwide by Times Fiber Communications, Inc.

For more information, contact:
Matthew Shapson, Product Manager
Extreme Broadband Engineering LLC
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